I got the chance to sit in with Isobel “Izzy” Ngo and discuss what she’s been working on at her startup. Izzy Ngo is the co-founder of VERE360 and an ed-tech entrepreneur for Southeast Asia, who’s deeply passionate about democratizing quality educational resources through technology. She has received her education from Yale-NUS College and INSEAD, and has worked in two Indonesian startups, McKinsey & Company, the International Finance Corporation (IFC), and JD.id.

Pain Points:

From lab experiments to field trips, experiential learning has been a key facet of education that has become restricted due to COVID-19, which forced mass school closures around…

Translation: Kopi Kenangan = “coffee memories”

We speak with Rahmat Budiardjo, Senior Vice President at Kopi Kenangan, the fastest growing tech-enabled grab and go coffee chain in Southeast Asia.

Prior to Kopi Kenangan, Rahmat worked in private equity as an investment director at Archipelago Capital Partners, focusing in the Southeast Asia region, and consulting at McKinsey & Company. Rahmat is also an INSEAD MBA alumnus, Class of 2014.

Rahmat shares his two cents on his role at Kopi Kenangan, the regional market for coffee and his takeaways from growing a rapidly-growing consumer brand in Indonesia.

Can you tell us a bit about your role at Kopi Kenangan?

As the Senior Vice President…

Kyle Lee, VP of Corporate Development @ Gojek

We speak with Kyle Lee, Vice President of Corporate Development at Gojek, the Indonesian ride-hailing platform-turned-superapp that supports services from digital payments to food delivery. Prior to Gojek, Kyle worked in private equity, focusing on the APAC region, at Abu Dhabi Investment Authority and McKinsey & Company. Kyle is also an INSEAD MBA alumnus, Class of 2018.

Kyle shares his two cents on his role at Gojek, the overall SEA tech landscape and his takeaways from 2020.

How would you briefly describe your role within corporate development at Gojek?

As the VP of Corporate Development at Gojek, I’m in charge of three pillars: 1) strategic investments and M&A, 2) investors relations &…

A deeper look into the hearts and wallets of the Chinese consumer in the midst of a global pandemic.

I don’t usually associate myself as a binge-shopper or a compulsive buyer.

That being said, I’ve done my fair share of online apparel shopping in recent weeks. I wouldn’t call it ‘revenge shopping’, a phenomenon that reflects the recent pent-up demand for retail goods. I’ve been meaning to refurnish my wardrobe for quite some time, and I couldn’t have chosen an unfortunate, yet timely period to do my shopping.

Decimated with steep discounts, unsold inventory, and store closures, retailers are in a bind to get business rolling once again. With the U.S. …

How an Indonesian coffee startup is fighting the Goliath of coffee brands

I’m proud to say that I’ve been clean for a month and a half.

It’s no easy feat, given that being stuck at home hasn’t boded well for my mental and physical health. Like with all types of withdrawal, the first two weeks were definitely the most dreadful. I felt drowsy and unmotivated most days to go anywhere beyond my work station. I would easily catch myself taking more power naps to fend off my headaches and re-watching clips of hit TV shows like Seinfeld to distract myself from my pent-up anxiety. …

The pandemic is reinvigorating the online dating scene one match at a time

In the digital era, the days of showing off your charm at a bar in hopes of randomly meeting someone are numbered. According to a 2019 sociology study, heterosexual couples were more likely to meet through an online-dating service than through personal contacts and connections. It’s not that many of us aren’t as suave as George Costanza. The reality is, during times where societal norms on marriage are changing, young adults are taking their time to focus on personal growth and financial security before putting a ring on it. In tandem with delaying marriage, the rise in online dating has…

A look into how a small studio in Woodland Hills, CA is flipping the podcasting world upside down

Joe Rogan in 2009: *sets up first podcast* “Nobody’s watching this…113 already? Wow. 113 people is like a show at a comedy club. Now, I feel pressure. Now, we HAVE to be entertaining.”

Joe Rogan in 2020: *starts preparing for his 1,479th podcast*

Credit: Tenor

Love him or hate him, Joe Rogan is, without a doubt, an Internet sensation. A stand-up comedian, actor, UFC commentator, ex-Fear Factor host, and podcaster, Rogan has crafted a colorful résumé over the years. His not-so-linear journey has led him to creating one of the world’s most popular podcast shows, The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE).

You might…

A read into how a successful brick-and-mortar chain is going against the tide in e-commerce

It wasn’t too long ago when I would find myself standing on the miles-long escalators of Hysan Place in Hong Kong. The escalators were paralleled to the mall’s glass windows where you can stare down the city streets from a couple stories high. Because of this breathtaking view, I’d always avoid taking the elevators to go up (that, and I never had the patience to wait 10 minutes only to get onto a crowded lift). Once I reached the 10th floor of Hysan Place, I’d begin to mentally prepare myself with the familiar layout of the land.

Between the 8th…

A deep dive into how a Chinese robotics company is changing the way we dine at our favorite restaurants

I wouldn’t be the first to admit that, in recent years, China has been quicker in adopting emerging tech to the masses than the rest of the world. Its e-commerce and consumer tech businesses have wowed the international crowd. My previous trip to Shenzhen only reaffirmed my curiosity and fascination for Chinese tech, leaving me in awe once it was time to come home.

I traveled to the manufacturing tech hub of the world last spring, where I got to experience and toy around with gadgets of the future, including drones, VR, AR, and e-scooters. To say that high-tech hardware…

A newcomer into the streaming game, Quibi is fighting to revolutionize your entertainment experience a minute at a time.

After getting used to the weeks-long routine of staying at home, I can’t help but think what it was like to commute everyday into and out of work.

In the not-so-bustling suburbs, there’s not a whole lot to miss except for morning rush hour, which, for a lack of a better term, sucks. During my days of working overseas in Hong Kong, I’d often take the MTR, which is everyone’s favorite public transportation. I usually dreaded these trips during the summertime since everyone gets a little too close for comfort and you can feel the perspiration in the air. …

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